Square Enix has already released the Final Fantasy VII Remake update, thanks to which some players can improve the game for free and enjoy the latest version. Offer is not available to recipients who have downloaded the title as part of a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Final Fantasy VII Remake premiered on PlayStation 4 last year, but Japanese developers decided to expand the game, resulting in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade today. The new release will contain an additional fictional episode with Yuffie in the main role.

The developers have also prepared an option for players with the PS4 version – Customers who purchased a previous generation item can download the Graphics Enhancement Pack for free. Square Enix used the power of the PS5 to provide fans of the universe with a more convenient experience (including improved lighting, two graphics rendering modes, faster loading, and a photo mode). However, the offer doesn’t match that of PS Plus, so if you download Final Fantasy VII Remake as part of a Sony subscription, you can’t upgrade the game to the PlayStation 5 version for free.

After upgrading Final Fantasy VII Remake from PS4 to PS5, we can also purchase the EPISODE INTERmission add-on to learn about the new story. The story of the downloadable content is dedicated to Yuffie who will try to steal the Shinra Corporation.

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