When the next generation controllers were announced, many players were positively surprised by Microsoft’s decision, For Xbox Series consoles consoles. It’s not just gamers still using their old Xbox One consoles in Xbox Series X | consoles The new S, but the new controllers used exactly the same power method as the previous one – two AA batteries. As it turns out, this may have been due to some contracts with Duracell.

AA batteries in Xbox Series console by Duracell?

Luke Anderson, a senior Duracell employee, He confirmed in a recent interviewthat The use of AA batteries results in Xbox Series X | consoles S, among others, about the agreement between Microsoft and DuracellIt is one of the largest (and most famous companies in the world) producing batteries.

Interestingly, this contract has been extended for many years, as it not only applies to Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles, but even the old Xbox 360! The collaboration between the two companies is also confirmed by several Duracell marketing campaignsIe straight Announce itself As the best batteries for Xbox consoles.

And very good!

So I had no choice but … I thank Duracell for the agreement. In my opinion, AA batteries are in the Xbox Series X | consoles S the best possible solution. Most of the players seem to share my enthusiasm, because online console power option opponents are hard to find. In order not to look away, I’ll give three examples.

Personally, I use a proprietary third-party battery in my Xbox Series S console, which, along with the charging station, is the best solution for me. Our editorial conversation shows that the use of regular AA batteries is also still common.

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I also have one friend who uses Xbox One gamepad with cable only. Here’s a great approach from Microsoft – Thanks to the use of AA batteries in their stands, every player can use the controllers as they please.

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