Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that we will receive the expected news regarding the development of Final Fantasy VII next month. The creators are preparing for the presentation, which, subject to the marketing agreement with Sony, may mean the arrival of a PlayStation product event.

It’s been two years since Final Fantasy VII Remake premiered, and Square Enix has yet to confirm many details about the sequel. The game is in development, but there are many indications that we will see production soon.

Tetsuya Nomura (Director of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Creative Director of Final Fantasy VII Remake 2) appeared on the Japanese stream dedicated to Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier and confirmed during the event that We will receive new information about Final Fantasy VII in June.

Perhaps the company is preparing to introduce Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 to the world because Square Enix previously stated that in 2022 it intends to share details about the continuation of the updated film.

There are a lot of voices to be shown at the Sony Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 and Final Fantasy XVI event – you know, the PlayStation producer has a marketing agreement, so we can doubt Sony will want to show both games.

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