Viggo Mortensen (yes, one from Aragorn) made his debut as a director and screenwriter for “There Still Time”. Looking at the birth record of the King of All People, one might be tempted to make a scathing comment – better late than never. Viggo has waited long enough to finally gather all his talents (photographer, musician, and illustrator) to express himself in film language on important topics.

We would all be old, sick, and dependent on taking care of our children. However, family relationships don’t always go our way. We rated this animated film in FILMOPOLIS with Marcin Olechnowski.

Rating: Magda Varun 6/10, Marcin Olitnoski 7/10.

The director tells the story of a family of two generations. Illness Father Willis (Lance Henriksen) Come to me Cena Jonah (Vigo Mortensen) To Los Angeles and trying to adjust to the new circumstances. It is a real challenge for him. John Peterson With you Terry Chen’s husband They raise their beloved daughter in a completely different spirit of values. By confronting both worldviews with a conservative and liberal vision, the director gives the viewer time to reflect on how ready we are for a dialogue with our elderly parents.

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Director – Vigo Mortenson
Screenwriter – Vigo Mortensen
Genre – drama

Production – Canada / Great Britain
Premiere – March 19, 2021 (Poland), the VOD platform

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