Thanks to winning the first game, very fierce Legia is a psychological advantage. Once again, he would face his opponent in the hall where he threw the baskets.

– We have hoops, and we know this space very well. We train in this room, we train in defensive play, and we know how to move. Legia coach Wojciech Kaminski said it was easier to be in your court.

In the first match, however, the hosts did not give the usual three-point throws. This was effectively prevented by the residents of Szczecin.

Our assumption was to limit Legia’s three-point throws, because we know they are one of the best teams in this aspect of the game. We knew this is what they lead and that they “live” on it, which gives them a lot of energy to play. We’ve kept our three Legia throws in good shape – said King Jacob Schenk’s midfielder.

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With the West Pomerania squad severely limiting the Legion on long distance shots, Warsaw’s team looked for another way to score. They often threw from a middle distance, and tried to dynamic “drive” into the basket, during which they compelled their rivals to commit fouls. It’s been a long time since Zieloni Kanonierzy didn’t get on the free throw line very often. After an additional five minutes of play, they gave 38 free throws (the most in the season), they totaled 32 throws (84.2%).

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It was close, and the match would have gone completely different after Jacob Karolak, one of the team’s best personal shooters, missed his first free kick 12 seconds before the end (34/45 after the match with the King). The Legia captain had to “miss” the second free throw to allow his teammates to collect the ball on the attacking backboard, which was succeeded by Grzegorz Kulka. At the end of the match, when Legia Dariusz Wyka and Valery Lichodiej no longer had at their disposal (they left the field after five fouls), this player showed an edge. He played perfectly in defense, halting Rodney Purvis in the main action in regular time, also forced to commit fouls in the offensive, then successfully taking free kicks.

While many people mentioned before the match that King was severely weak due to quarantine and lack of training in the full squad in the past days, the match in the hall at Bemowo showed something completely different. Szczecin’s players were full of energy, defending the entire field throughout the match, and ceaselessly pressing the opponent. Much of this is due to the precincts – Purvis, Chink, and Toki Brown, but it is possible that the loss of energy for such defense diminished the effectiveness.

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Purvis scored only two of the 11 shots from the match, and Michael Vaquad scored less. One of King’s top scorers scored only once in eight attempts on Thursday, and improved his achievements by successfully executing (7/8) free throws.

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In the current season, Legia has already won 14 matches at home. “Twierdza Bemowo” was won only by Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra (after two more times) and WKS Śląsk Wrocław. The Warsaw team is hoping that the winning streak will also continue on the occasion of Saturday’s match, which may (but not necessarily) be the last game in Warsaw at the moment, due to the changing play system from the second round. Competition.

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