Facebook is not as powerful as it used to be, so Zuckerberg and Meta have to research new ideas to attract more users. Now they will be able to have up to five profiles in one account.

Facebook’s policy is tough in some areas. For example, to use your name to register your profile on these social media. In the future, this rule will also apply, but Mark Zuckerberg will also allow some anonymity.

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According to Reuters, Meta is testing a new functionality on Facebook. It consists in the fact that every user of this site will still be able to own it One account and its main profile assigned to it using real data (name and surname), but up to four additional profiles (under the same account) will also be created. The change makes users official almost unknown freedom Their identities are on the world’s largest social network, in line with the choices offered by competitors such as TikTok and Twitter.

Meta said in her statement, however, that its rules will still apply, including Prohibit impersonation of other persons or institutions. This should apply to all profiles created. A Facebook user will be able to access all the personal files after logging into their account on this platform.

Facebook is testing the new solution in some countries, but a Meta spokesperson declined to specify in which ones. We also don’t know when the new approach to Facebook profiles will be publicly available.

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Text source: Reuters