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Both the Euro 2020 semi-finals were held in Wembley, London. Similarly, England and Italy will face the final match. Gareth Southgate’s players have played outside the UK in the ongoing event only once. In the quarter-finals they faced Ukraine in Rome.

The case was commented on and widely criticized – despite the international European championships, the English seem to be playing “at home”. COVID-19 restrictions require visitors to undergo a ten-day quarantine upon arrival in the UK. In practical terms, this meant that only fans who lived in the UK could watch their national team matches from the stands. So the semi-final match was watched live by about 50 thousand. The English and only eight thousand. The Danes. He commented on the subject in an interview with the newspaper “BT”, the Scandinavian national team coach.

I would like it to be as it is usually in cup matches: half of the Poles are red and white and the other half are England fans. It was like a home game. Everything was orchestrated to make it a match in England. It wasn’t just about the propellers, said Hegolmand, but the entire frame.

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Everyone loves to have fans in the stands. We would like 30,000 Danes to be here – the 49-year-old added. His accusation was echoed by Barcelona striker Martin Braithwaite. As a soccer player you want to play in front of the fans. It’s not the same without them. We wish there were more Danes on the field because it was the semi-final. The 30-year-old commented that when you play on your own ground, fans can also influence the game.

The Danish Football Association has invited 40 fans from their home country to a charter plane headed to London for the European Championship semi-final match with England. Thanks to the help of activists, they were in a “bubble”, without contact with other people. Already at that time, the Danish Federation showed its opinion on the organization on the part of UEFA.

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