Exclusive: BBC stars Emma Rigby and Sid Owen are accused of breaking the rules of Covid as they join bankers and property managers at a Halloween party for high-end society in a luxurious apartment overlooking Tower Bridge

  • East Enders legend Sir Owen and BBC star Emma Rigby attended Treats Magazine’s Halloween party
  • Bash was held on the second level in London as there were restrictions preventing two homes from mixing indoors
  • But Treats claimed to have followed the rules because company parties allowed up to 30 people and guests were auditioned
  • She insisted that she took every precaution to stay safe and that most of the guests were on the outdoor porches, not inside


East Enders legend Sid Owen and BBC star Emma Rigby have been accused of violating strict coronavirus rules for a high-end community party with bankers and property managers in a multi-million-pound apartment overlooking Tower Bridge.

The two actors were among a large group of revelers celebrating inside the Air BnB property hours after Boris Johnson announced a new national lockdown.

The pictures showed Emma, ​​31, and Syed, 48, at a ceremony hosted by a limited edition American magazine and Treats Fine Art magazine.

Last night she insisted that the rules be followed because company parties allowed up to 30 people and guests were tested while entering.

A video of the event showed two tight-fitting models flying at a table while spectators watched them.

The Stills featured Emma, ​​dressed in a tight-fitting body dress like Disney’s Maleficent, posing with Treats founder Steve Shaw.

Photos and the video appeared on Shaw’s viewable Instagram page as part of his stories.

A source told MailOnline: “ Nobody can totally believe what they were watching and they weren’t conservative about holding the event.

When people found out that they were very upset, especially with so many people sticking to the coronavirus rules at the moment.

The ceremony was also attended by a crowd of public school students who work in real estate, banking and events.

“This party is disgraceful given the current economic and social climate in which we live.”

Syed was also pictured with a guest at the party as the guests dressed up as people including Prince Andrew and President Trump.

One of the videos showed no fewer than seven people sitting together inside watching models dance at a London concert

One of the videos showed no fewer than seven people sitting together inside watching models dance at a London party

Once MailOnline tried to contact it for comment, the content was suddenly removed.

A Treats spokesperson said, “ It was a small company party for a few close friends, testing people before entering with all precautions taken to stay safe.

Most of the guests were on the outside balconies rather than indoors

Company parties allow up to 30 people so the rules were not violated.

Emma, ​​best known for her role in Hollyoaks, posted a photo of her costume on her Instagram page that can be viewed by the audience.

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Recently she received a acclaim for her role in BBC Three Film Make Me Famous.

The restrictions in London are currently in the level 2 Coronavirus settings and have been classified as “high risk”.

The rules state that social distancing must be observed, in addition to the six outdoor rule and a curfew in bars.

There is also a ban on mixed families being indoors or staying overnight anywhere.

But there is a gray area in the rules in one exception which is that up to 30 people can be held in venues for work reasons.

He dreamed of helping freelancers and self-employed without an office space.

Last month, a “loophole” was exploited by some restaurants that opened for business lunches.

At the time, a spokesman for the prime minister said: “There is an understanding that it was for people like self-employed or freelancers who needed to have face-to-face meetings but had no other place to hold them.”

Sid and Emma declined to comment.