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January 19, 2022, 2:09 pm

40 minutes of previously unannounced gameplay from Elden Ring hit the net. Items allow you to see new enemies and bosses. Get these spoilers.

Until the first show elden ring There are only 37 days left. However, FromSoftware studio does not treat us with more official trailers or gameplay demos. However, fans cannot complain, because closed material regularly finds its way into the network testw We already wrote about some CNTs, but they have been deleted. However, there is more and more.

Over the past two days, a YouTuber named Xolara has posted on his channel up to eight videos (three of them below, the rest here), with a total of 40 minutes of gameplay. You can see enemies and even bosses that have not been revealed before. So if you want to avoid spoilers and get to know the game for yourself, you’d better give up watching it (Especially the second command, that is, the boss fight, although taking into account the opponent’s artificial intelligence, it is difficult to call it an unforgettable duel).

If you have any questions regarding elden ringBe sure to read Simon Head Liebert’s text, you may have already answered it.

elden ring remains In most cases added I wish you a game on Steam. Why the hype for new spirits like FromSoftware? For answers, I refer you to column Carol Laska. I would add from myself that time may also be an important factor. last souls do not count Sekiro: Shadows die twicewhich set accents slightly different from previous studio items, as well as a remake demonic souls Finally got taller about six years ago. So fans might be hungry for another match of this kind.

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Fortunately, they won’t have to wait long. elden ring It will debut on February 25th on PC, PS5, PS4, and XSX | S and XOne. Given that the publisher of the title is Bandai Namco Entertainment, we can hope it will be, like all versions Evil spirits He will receive DLC for the story. A community gathers in a custom game subreddit There seems to be no doubt about that. How do you think?