Today as part of #instahome . series Look inside decorated by professionals. They live here Ola and Mishao (Both are structural engineers, Ola also handles interior design.) In their house near ód, they live with their daughter Zosia and Beagle Oro. On Instagram, you can see it on your account @ola.fotobloo.

eclectic house

is yours Homepage They had moved in shortly before closing. The interior was, of course, designed by Ola. Interior design is my second passion and profession. I love doing this. I find inspiration everywhere, on the Internet, in literature, at interior design fairs. But also in other people’s homes or public places. I love watching good interior design programs or browsing interior design magazines from all over the world – Explains the hostess. The whole idea was to be mid-century modern. In practice, it turns out more selectiveBut the house changes all the time. – Two years later, I already have new ideas and would like to change a few things. Fortunately, the classic wood flooring base and whitewashed doors and walls allow changes to be made with little cost and effort – Confirms Ola. We love the home art gallery, the set of paintings above the TV and the huge Micadoni Home sofa with black lamps hanging above it.

Shop for interior design Ola and Mishao Go to different places. They look for pretty things in design stores, flea markets, second-hand stores, and chain stores. They usually also return from their travels with indoor trinkets (candle, poster, mug). When Ola is asked about an inner dream, she answers without hesitation – This is the biggest thing I’ve actually done – it was a String modular bookcase. I dreamed of it for a long time. The space under it was invented at the design stage of the house. It offers plenty of arrangement possibilities and is timeless. In addition to books and talents, a lot of flowers in pots were placed there.

Garden – Living Space

original sequel Interiors of Ola and Michał there is a park. – Since we have a house, my husband and I laugh it’s just an addition to the garden and the terrace. We always look forward to spring and summer to spend as much time outside as possible. Currently, work is underway on new discounts and arranging gardens. This is my new passion – Explains the engineer. Last year, you could see lupines, lionesses, tobacco, dahlia, verbena and tulips in their flower beds. I wonder what will appear on flower beds this season.