Britain’s transport minister has revealed that Tesla should give drivers of all types of cars “in a matter of weeks or months, not years” access to Superchargers. With the participation of the ministry, it appears that Tesla is in talks on this subject and is in fact ready to open its own charging network.

Super charger for other brands in another country?

Statement from the representative of the Ministry it happened Electric gate, Electric came with it. It makes clear that “Tesla understands that it is part of the solution,” perhaps in terms of providing charging infrastructure. So drivers who abandon an internal combustion car in favor of an electric one can rest easy going everywhere, because there will always be a charger on the way.

The infrastructure opening will be sooner rather than later. A possible decision by Tesla can please owners of other brands of cars, because Superchargers, as a rule, are reliable, convenient and fast. After all, it’s not clear whether Tesla drivers who chose Muska for its extensive network of charging stations would like it, Electrizing continues.

Elektrowoz readers also expressed their displeasure when rumors surfaced that cars from other manufacturers could be charged for Superchargers. The Lućmierz supercharger, which was initially empty, is currently registering a very high occupancy rate. And this despite the fact that situations are constantly revolving:

Tesla currently offers some superchargers to car owners from other brands:

  • In Poland, Slovakia and Hungary near the border with Ukraine,
  • in Norway,
  • in the Netherlands,
  • in France.
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Furthermore: the Tesla app shows that shipping at the border with our eastern neighbor is still free (and does not require an account in the Tesla app, as it starts automatically).

Note from the editors of Tesla needs to rethink its strategy. On the one hand, he’s selling more and more cars, so superchargers will really crowd – and the manufacturer’s car owners may not be doing well. On the other hand, the Tesla brand recognition is high, and the Superchargers are distinctive and hard to overlook. They are noticed even by drivers of internal combustion cars who do not have and have never had to recharge.

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