According to the latest reports, EA abandoned the idea of ​​creating an MMO version of Harry Potter years ago. The reason for this decision is that the publisher doubts the longevity of the series.

Harry Potter MMO Went To Trash

Kim Salzer, who in 2000-2003 was EA’s Director of Product Marketing, Granted interesting interview. While Salazer worked at EA, the publisher owned the rights to the series in which Harry Potter starred.

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While chatting on Twitch with the player The real Brandolarian Salzer was asked about a game she had been involved in but had not seen the light of day. In response, we heard about plans to create the game Harry Potter MMO.

This is a huge problem for me because I was a very personal participant at the time. The huge ip that does not survive is a Harry Potter multiplayer online game Salzer said.

We have done all the research and built the beta version of the game. It was a combination of an offline and online experience where we actually sent out rewards like bars and the like to the kids.

We thoroughly researched the matter and were sure of success. Unfortunately, the topicsuits For lack of a better date. EA underwent major changes at that time. The company simply did not believe that this game would have a shelf life of more than a year or two.

Warner Bros. will not commit error with EA

Interestingly, twenty years later – in January 2021 Warner Bros games Postponing the premiere of Harry Potter titled Hogwarts Legacy in 2022. In a statement then posted on social media, the publisher thanked fans for the “great response” to the game’s announcement and confirmed the RPG’s new release date.

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Creating the best possible experience for all fans of the world of magic and gaming is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we give the address the time it needs – We read the statement.

In one of the last interviews Rachel Wakeley Warner Bros. CEO suggested. that Hogwarts Legacy may be released in late 2022. In an interview with Toy World, a Warner Bros. employee spoke. About two producers belonging to the magical universe. The first is the next movie Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s SecretsWhich will be released in the UK on April 8th. The second creation is the game Hogwarts Legacy.

From what we’ve seen, the launch is well worth the wait and will provide fans with a unique way to interact with the series – Waki said.

source: VGC