Are you eagerly waiting for Dying Light 2? Techland will – one might say – finally say something more about the persistence of a warmly received position since 2015.

This week couldn’t end better. We’ve finally heard something about the biggest missing event this year – of course, we’re talking about Dying Light 2, which was supposed to debut in the first quarter of this year, and finally didn’t see the light until its end. Well, we still don’t know the release date, but given Techland’s latest entry, it should change soon.

The person in charge of the relationship with the community at Wroclaw wished the fans of Dying Light a Merry Christmas, adding that in the upcoming mega move of the calendar year there will be many news about the second edition of the brand.

There’s nothing else to do but keep our fingers crossed so that the Poles can find a spot for Dying Light 2 in the first half of 2021 – in the past several months we haven’t had any decent production in which parkour plays the main role, and that’s in the first installment a series of Original creators to the maximum. We expect the same to happen in the long-awaited “Monday” case.

A day of hope is coming in the new year !! Let’s hope 2021 will be a better year everywhere !! from P / dyinglight