As it was announced, the gameplay of Dying Light 2 was released on the web, and the developers also told a little about the mission system.

Techland said goodbye to November with a smile on his face. A couple of days ago, representatives of the Polish team posted a message that Dying Light 2 Stay Human is gold. The main work in the game has been completedWhich means that postponing the first show is not an option. The developers are now dealing with debugging so that people who start their adventure in The City on February 4th can fully enjoy the adventure.

As previously announced, from 21:00 the residents of Wroclaw started another episode of their series, providing more details about Dying Light 2. This time, the Poles decided to present pure gameplay that shows clashes with the zombies or at least how the city changes under the influence of decisions taken by the player

Watching the gameplay below, which shows, for example, defending an allied building against aggressive attackers, you can see that the developers have made significant progress in terms of character details and filling more closed locations with content for the first Dying Light. The combat system remains a puzzle, which – just like in the game’s first save – doesn’t look as good as the other elements in Dying Light 2.

Notably, our editorial team had the opportunity to play Dying Light 2 on PC and PS4. Here you will find Roger’s opinion.