Wawrzyniec Turowski won the 11th National Film Competition “Nakręć się” in Gdansk for “Outside” and “Video 96”. This is one of them’s first public offer, which has resulted in the winners being unanimously chosen. In addition, Ripignan was named Final Candidate at the Scout Film Festival in Boston, USA, for “Extras.”

The festival in Gdansk was influenced by 101 short films from all over Poland, among which, as it turned out, were the two best films produced by Wawrzyniec Turowski. A jury composed of film experts, most of whom are university lecturers in the fields of cinema and art, decided to award the young artist not to one film, but to two works at the same time. During the award ceremony, the premiere of Wawrzyniec’s latest movie was titled “Booze”, which combined the victory of the young Ripignan with “Video 96”. Such a situation rarely occurs in film festivals, and in previous rounds of this competition it had never happened that one director had two films at a time.

The representative of the jury, on behalf of the entire group, justified the choice of the winner this way: we quickly agreed on which film made the biggest impression on us. Immediately, when we started the conversation, one title popped up, although I’ll mention two, both films are produced by one director, Mr. Wawrzyniec Turowski – “Beyond” and “Video 96”. Especially the movie “Bose” made a tremendous impression on us, with an idea of ​​a very original visual field and using it in a very consistent and subtle way in his poetry. It’s so hard to make a personal movie that is universal at the same time that, for example, in which I can get to know myself, the rest of the jury and everyone else, it’s a huge success. The composition of “Video 96” is very consistent and well thought out. It’s an original movie in which the director wants to talk about his perception of the world. In “Out” the composer has chosen the music very well, and you can see his actress. Everything is personal and global. We had no doubts that this was a movie that would stay with us for so long.

This isn’t the end of Rypinian’s recent successes. “Extra Classes”, presented under the English title “Extra Classes”, was selected for the finals from among several thousand acts from around the world, along with films from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, India, Brazil, Switzerland, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and China. And South Africa. The 149 films selected are divided into film genres. The clip created by Wawrzyniec Turowski in collaboration with Czak Kubacki and the band Korniki from Rypin was the only music video from Poland presented at this international festival in the USA. The event brings together the best young filmmakers from all over the world and showcases their work. The Scouting community is made up of film experts who work with budding filmmakers from 105 countries.

As confirmed by the organization’s members and festival jurors, the event encourages creative thinking and the involvement of young artists in creating a better world through films. Scout’s founders also acknowledge that they contribute to fairer and more inclusive movies.

(Mr.), Photo: UM Rypin

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Double victory for Warzynec.