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Why do Poles not want to be vaccinated against COVID?

BBC He decided to describe the case of a 42-year-old Pole who lived in Great Britain who had not taken the COVID-19 vaccine seriously. feel sick. – I thought I would never see my family again – Mr. Artur Bryulovsky told the station.

A polar bear living in Great Britain has not been vaccinated against COVID-19 and is seriously ill

The BBC describes Mr Arthur as an athletic man, regularly in the gym. Unfortunately, neither good condition nor his young age saved him from the difficult transmission of COVID-19. After about a week diseases The 42-year-old started having trouble breathing. So his anxious wife decided to call an ambulance. – I don’t remember much after that – admits Artur.

The man was taken to Wrexham-Mailor Hospital, where he was moved to the intensive care unit after testing positive for coronavirus. However, his condition worsened there. Paramedics considered connecting the 42-year-old to a ventilator, which made the 42-year-old terrified. I never expected to get so sick. I had before fluBut now it is different. I couldn’t breathe, it was terrifying – I admit

Great Britain. High infection rate recorded in one age group

He was not vaccinated and barely escaped with his life: people said different things

Mr Arthur admitted that, as someone over the age of 40, he had the opportunity to receive the vaccine in April. However, he did not take advantage of this opportunity because he believed in it virus It attacks the elderly, and it is also feared that the preparation will be released too quickly, which can be dangerous. However, he added, he was never against vaccinations.

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– There were also many things on social media that bothered me. People said different things, some advised vaccination, others said they should not – said Mr. Arthur.

The man spent about two weeks in the hospital. He has now announced that when he recovers, he will be vaccinated. “This experience showed me how dangerous this virus is for people of all ages,” he said, stressing that the benefits of the preparation, in his opinion, outweigh its low risks. “I hope my story will help change the opinions of people who haven’t taken the vaccine.” I certainly wish I had kissed him – he added.

Illustrative imageGreat Britain: Vaccination prevented 60,000 deaths and 22 million infections

Great Britain. Younger patients are increasingly ending up in hospitals due to COVID-19

On July 19, England lifted all restrictions related to the coronavirus (in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the pace of lifting restrictions varies). Meanwhile, experts warn that the average life expectancy for people in hospital in the UK has recently fallen sharply – with more and more people in their 20s staying in facilities.