Author: Stanislav Belsky / news reporter

The school year 2021/202 is in full swing. However, the specter of distance learning still hung in the air. Students who returned to their schools in September are wondering if they will ever return to distance learning. One popular phrase on the internet is distance learning from November. Will full-time studies be suspended in November?

Distance learning from November This password is one of the most frequently entered passwords in the Google search engine. Students who return to school on September 1 and start the new school year are looking for information about possible suspension of class and continuing education classes online. This is mainly due to the experience of last year, when distance learning returned after a few weeks of participating in classes that take place in the traditional format. In addition, the data published by the Ministry of Education and Science clearly shows that more and more institutions are deciding to switch to hybrid or remote mode. Are students’ fears justified and from November distance learning will become a reality? Members of the Ministry dispel all doubts.

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Distance learning from November

Although the term “distance learning” has been one of the most searched terms by Internet users since November, at the moment there are no indications that schools will be closed again. This information was provided by both the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Education. MEiN members assure students that despite the increasing number of institutions deciding to learn online, facilities will remain open and classes will be conducted in a full-time mode.

There is no chance in the near future that we will systematically hand children over to their parents and lock them up within four walls. There is absolutely no chance of that. Children and teenagers will go to school stationery – Minister Czarnik recently explained in an interview with Polish Radio.

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