Disney is set to fire about 28,000 Bassem employees Corona Virus It has been reported that epidemics are preventing visitors from going to its theme parks.

In a letter to employees, Josh Damaro, president of Disney Parks, reportedly said that the company had to make “tough decisions.”

Damaro told CNBC in the US that about two-thirds of the 28,000 employees are employed part-time, but it is not clear which part of the business they belong to.

During the pandemic, the Disney park reopened in Florida, Paris, Shanghai, Japan and Hong Kong although the company had to limit the number of visitors to allow physical distance.

About 28,000 employees were abandoned

California Adventure and Disneyland in Anaheim, California remain closed to visitors.

“As you can imagine, taking a decision of this magnitude is not easy.

“For the past several months, our management team has worked tirelessly to avoid having to fire anyone from the company.”

Disney’s California Adventure Park remains closed

He added, “We simply cannot remain fully responsible while operating with this limited capacity.

“As heartbreaking as it is to take this action, this is the only possible option we have in light of the prolonged impact of Covid-19 on our business.”

He pointed to the parks’ limited capacity and continuing uncertainty about the duration of the pandemic, which he said was “exacerbated in California by the state’s unwillingness to
Lifting restrictions that would allow Disneyland to reopen. “

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“Over the past several months, we have had to make a number of necessary adjustments to our business, and as difficult as this decision today is, we believe that the steps we take will enable us to emerge as a more effective and efficient process when we return to normal,” the message continued.

“The cast members have always been the key to our success, as they have played a valuable and important role in providing a world-class experience, and we look forward to providing opportunities where we can return to them.”

“For the past several months, our management team has worked tirelessly to avoid having to fire anyone from the company.

Cinderella Castle in Orlando

“We have cut costs, suspended capital projects, deported our cast members while continuing to pay interest, and modified our operations to operate as efficiently as possible.
However, we simply cannot remain fully responsible while operating at this limited capacity. “

The ‘parks, experiences, and consumer products’ aspect of Disney is a very important part of the job.

Last year, it represented 37 per cent of the company’s total revenue of £ 54.13 billion.

In 2019, 1.52 million Britons visited Florida with Disney being their main attraction.

Since the pandemic, people from the UK have been banned from entering the states.