Today, the DOTY 2 world traded details of the season’s latest flagship from Dota Pro Circuit. In a statement from PGL – which, by the way, has pledged to organize this tournament – we learned that one of the most important events in the entire series will take place in Arlington, USA.

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PGL returns to host Dota tournaments in the United States. The company, based in the Romanian capital, will try to repeat the success of 2016 after more than five years. This was a well-organised Boston Major, which the OG won. PGL Dota 2 Major Arlington 2022 as the last major in the 21/22 season ahead of The International 11 will verify the strength of a certain progression formation for the Championship of Champions and contenders. The competition will take place from 4 to 14 August.

Today, an announcement was made on the PGL website regarding the details of the upcoming event. In it, the organizers were pleased with this information. – We are pleased to announce that PGL will host its last Major Dota Pro Circuit 2021-2022 in Arlington, Texas. The battlefield will be the largest esports arena in North America, Esports Stadium Arlington – We read at the beginning of the article. Later on, we also learned that there are plans to invite all interested fans to watch the competition live from the scene. This appears to be a very ambitious plan because this has not always happened.

You don’t have to go far for an example, because one of the stories is related to the Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 tournament currently underway. Namely, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the first major of the season has been canceled without prior notice to players, organizers or fans. This was met with an aggressive reaction from the community, which eventually had a positive effect. The most important thing is to increase information transparency between Valve and the teams or tournament organizers.

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Detached Major Effects have helped the Dota ecosystem

Valve issues a “Fan Pack” per turn for each team that participates in the DPC. Or at least that was the original idea. Fan groups consist of “content” submitted by bands. These were, among other things, icons, sprays, voice commands, and stickers, all available for a fee, and some of them backed by the team. Realistically, until recently, many teams, including many popular ones, weren’t able to cash their packages because Valve didn’t release them. Unfortunately, no attempts to contact us regarding this matter have been responded to.

A good example is the Bald Team, a group of banners popular in Europe. Players often complained that Valve never approved the reported packages and didn’t know what was wrong with them. Thanks to the controversy with the dismissed major and the possibility of hiring someone to collaborate with the pack teams, among others the bald team saw the light of day.