A truck jam formed last Sunday after France decided to close its borders with the United Kingdom for 48 hours due to the discovery of a new type of Corona virus in the United Kingdom. The border was opened on Wednesday, but only for people who tested negative for the presence of the pathogen. Thousands of TIR trucks, including many Poles, stood in line for ferries and the canal tunnel. All drivers and people who want to enter France must be tested.

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Ministry of National Defense: Soldiers who test drivers in Dover have returned to Poland

First, on Christmas Eve, more than thirty doctors from Poland: doctors, nurses, diagnostics and paramedics helped British services test drivers in the port of Dover. The group, led by Dr. Arthur Zakzynski, conducted 1,260 tests, and on Friday the paramedics returned to Poland, and thirty Polish soldiers, most of them volunteers from the Regional Defense Forces, went there.

They have run tests for the presence of the Coronavirus, as well as providing drivers with food, drinks, and personal protective equipment. Yesterday they completed their mission. The land acted, among others, at Port Dover, the Eurotunnel highway and Manston Airport.

Thank you Poland

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The actions and assistance of Polish doctors and soldiers were met with the gratitude and appreciation of truck drivers, among other foreign diplomats. Deputy Head of the British Foreign Office, Wendy Morton, thanked the Poles for their help in emptying the line of cars.

“The UK is working with its European partners to ensure that the carriers stranded in Kent get back on their tracks. More than 15,000 on-site tests have been carried out and over 8,000 TIRs crossed the English Channel. Thank you Poland, who referred here to people who worked with British forces and conducted Auditions, “Wendy Morton wrote on Twitter.

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“Thanks to Poland who brought the people here.” Deputy Head of the British Foreign Office after the operation in Dover

In many British newspapers you can read about the work of Polish doctors and soldiers. The Evening Standard newspaper wrote that truck traffic had become smooth from the moment Polish soldiers from the Regional Defense Forces and French firefighters joined the operation to empty the traffic congestion.

“The Polish operation Zumbach was named in honor of the Polish pilot Jan Zumbach of World War II, who participated in the Battle of Britain,” wrote the Evening Standard. This information is repeated by the “London Economic” and “The Daily Mirror”.

The Daily Mail wrote in several articles that 60 Polish soldiers from the Regional Defense Forces are assisting the British in testing out forbidden truck drivers.

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Back to the country

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Today, Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki personally thanked the doctors, nurses and all medical personnel and soldiers of the Regional Defense Forces for their commitment to assisting the Poles who were unable to cross the borders of Great Britain. He said: – We not only helped our drivers, carriers and passengers, but also others who were stuck there at the border shortly before Christmas.

Soldiers who have helped British forces conduct coronavirus tests have returned home in the evening.