Eighth grade students from elementary school in Pranica Radzinska

Minister Przemislav Kasarnik was a guest in the eighth grade at the school in Pränica Radzinska today. Last week, the young man took a mock exam. The minister inquired about his impressions of the exam and about distance learning. Students admitted that they performed well and are preparing for the May exams. During the video meeting, the Minister wished success for the youth in the eighth grade exam, thanked the management and teachers for their commitment and support for students and parents during distance learning, and congratulated the head of the new school building as an investment in education.

Until June 2018, the elementary school in Branica Radzyska was housed in a historic mansion from the 18th century. Due to the poor condition of the building, the local council decided to build a new school. As Radzyń Podlaski Mayor Wiesław Mazurek confirms, the investment in the school building was a natural thing. The key was to enable children to learn close to home. Therefore, steps have been taken to obtain financing. Minister Przemislav Kzarnik, while still Voivode Lublin, supported the municipal authorities in this investment, which amounted to more than 3.7 million Polish zlotys, of which nearly 2 million Polish zlotys came from the state budget. The construction work was completed in December 2020.

The meeting with students from Pranica Radzinska was also attended by Deputy Minister Tomász Rzymkowski, Lublin Education Coordinator Teresa Misyuk and Radzyń Podlaski Mayor Wiesław Mazurek.

Mechanical school complex in apy

Today, on the occasion of the Day of New Technologies in Education, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Darius Piontkovsky met with young people from Zespó Szkó Mechanicznych im. Stefan Casarnicky in Labe. During the conversation, the issue of distance learning was raised as well as the use of new technologies in the school. Piata Petroska, Teaching Supervisor from Podlasie, also participated in the meeting.

In the mechanical school complex in apy, the main courses have been mechanical for many years. Besides the changes taking place in the economy, the face of the school has changed, as it constantly enriches its educational offer, creating new trends. The team consists of: Technical High School, First Class Industrial School, General High School, Post High School and Adult Public High School.

Day of new technologies in education for the third time!

DNTE is an initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science, which aims to spread the information and communication technologies used in working with students in and outside the school.

This year’s edition was attended by more than 2,600 schools and educational institutions.

Received applications include online classes, workshops, multimedia presentations, games, games, movie shows, and virtual meetings with interesting people, as well as tutorials for children and adults.

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