Saturday was not a successful day for the Polish cyclists competing in the World Championships in Roubaix. The Poles did not even come close to the medal positions. The Germans had the most reasons for joy.

Daria Bikulik and her sister Victoria did well in the morning qualifying rounds over Madison, finishing second in their race behind the Briton favorite. She gave a smooth progression to the finals. It was much worse than them. The Polish women could not score points in the first sprints, but were far behind. About halfway through, bets lose a roll, which means 20 points. In the end, the Pikulik sisters did not finish competing. The Dutch won it before the French and the British.

Runners compete practically all day long. In the long-distance qualifying rounds, Matthews Roddick finished fifth and Daniel Rochna 10th, and Harry Lavrysen had the best time. In the 1/16 final, Rochna defeated Thai Jay Angsuthasuit, and Roddick turned out to be better than Mexican Juan Ruiz Teran. In the next round, Rochna said goodbye to his dream of winning a medal, losing to German Stefan Buetcher. On the other hand, Roddick still showed good behavior with a bit of a win over Canada’s Nick Wass yesterday. In the quarter-finals, the two-year-old bronze medalist met Sebastian Weiger. It was a fierce competition, after all, the Frenchman also took the bronze medal in the World Championships sprint and several pucks, including the Olympic team sprint. However, in both races, the pole was clearly weaker and did not advance to the semi-finals of the competition.

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All-round bike specialists Omnium, including Alan Banaszek, competed in a similar fashion throughout the day. Our player recently won the gold at the European Championships, so we were counting on a good start. Unfortunately, in the first competition, i.e. zero, our competitor took 16th place. In the rhythm race, Banaszek did not score in the sprints, but crossed the finish line in fourth place. She gave him tenth place in the competition rating. In the qualifying race, the Pole was 13th and it was already known that it would be very difficult to find a place in the lead. In the last points race, the Pole was active, compensated his laps, increased his achievements by a few points, and was finally ranked 11th, and Ethan Hayter won the gold in beautiful style. The Briton was ahead of Aaron Gate from New Zealand and Elia Viviani from Italy.

Marlina Karuaka presented herself in the qualifying round from the stopped start over the 500 metres. The Polish woman went well, to the best of her ability. Its time 34,832 gave it ninth place. The rider was 0.158 seconds short of eighth, which gave the right to start in the evening final. Compassion.

In the race to investigate the women, the Germans occupied the entire podium, and Lisa Brennor turned out to be the best.

Saturday results:

500 I am from the beginning of the detention centers:

1 – Leah Friedrich (Germany)
2 – Anastasia Wojna (Russian Cycling Federation)
3 – Daria Szmeliwa (Russian Cycling Federation)

9. Marlina Karuaka

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Madison women:

1. Holland
2. France
3. Great Britain

Poland DNF

Individually to investigate women:

1 – Lisa Brennor (Germany)
2 – Franziska Prause (Germany)
3 – Mickey Krueger (Germany)

aluminum men:

1 – Ethan Hayter (Great Britain)
2 – Aaron Gate (New Zealand)
3 – Elia Viviani (Italy)

11. Alan Banazek

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