On the last day of the European Championships for Future Stars Cycling in Apeldoorn, Daniel Roshna won the silver medal in Kirin.

Daniel Roshna, who won the silver medal, was second only to Mikhail Yakovlev. Tom Deracci was at the slightest step on the podium. Interestingly, these three also rode together in the semi-finals and were placed in exactly the same positions. Konrad Borowski said goodbye to competition in the replay. Nikola Ceremac participated in the same competition, but for the women in the final. In the end, the Polish woman took sixth place. The Russian women were the best in her race. The medal was won by Ksenia Andriyua, and the medal was won by Yan Tishchenko. On the other hand, Nikola Siak won the B final, thanks to which she was ranked seventh.

At Madison, Oliwia Majewska and Wiktoria Polak were doing nicely at the start of the Under-23s. Unfortunately, the Poles later lost one lap and finished the last contest with a negative seventeen points, resulting in an eighth place. The Italians won a gold medal, ahead of the Dutch and Russians on the podium. In turn, Radoslav Lewandowski and Szymon Potasznik scored seven points, which translated into ninth place. The Poles managed to win the 14th race. The British and the Russians fought for gold. In the end, Reese Britton and William Tidball took first, and Elijah Detells and Wallace Sichkin were forced to take the silver. Bronze went to the Dutch.

The last junior competition was Madison. Maja Traka and Olga Wankevich did well, taking sixth place. Our representative managed to collect 10 points, winning the third race on the road. Millie Couzens and Zoe Backstedt won the gold with a huge advantage over the rest of the stake. The British collected 67 points in total while the second German was ahead with 41 points. The Dutch won the bronze medal. In the case of the juniors, in the same competition, Kamel Dulac and Peter Malak took ninth place. Gold, like the little ones, went to Great Britain, and silver went to Germany. The Czechs were on the slightest step on the podium.

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Kirin U23 Men’s:

1 – Mikhail Yakovlev (Russia)

2. Daniel Roshna

3 – Tom Derach (France)

Konrad Borowski (withdrawn in appendix)

Kirin women under 23 years old:

1 – Ksenia Andriyua (Russia)

2 – Jana Tszenko (Russia)

3 – Alyssa Catriona Brewster (Germany)

6. Nicolas Ceremac

7. Nicolas Siak

Madison U23 women:

1 – Chiara Consone / Martina Fidanza (Wuchi)

2 – Mike van der Doyen / Marit Rijmeckers (Netherlands)

3 – Daria Mikova / Maria Rostovtsyua (Russia)

8. Oliuya Majuska / Victoria Pollack

Madison U23 men:

1 – Rhys Britton / William Tidball (Great Britain)

2 – Ilya Angelko / Vlas Sychkin (Russia)

3 – Philip Heijnin / Vincent Hobizeack (Netherlands)

9. Radosław Lewandowski and Szymon Potasznik

Madison Jr.:

1 – Millie Cousins ​​/ Zoe Baxtedt (Great Britain)

2 – Getty Simon / Lana Eberle (Germany)

3 – Ninke Vinhoven / Yuli van der Meulen (Netherlands)

6. Maja Traka / Olga Wankevich

Junior Madison:

1 – Josh Charlton / Joshua Giddings (Great Britain)

2 – Mette Machke / Nicholas Zeppan (Germany)

3 – Matthias Koplecek / Milan Kadlik (Czech Republic)

9. Camille Dulac / Pewter Malak

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