Partial demolition of the building in Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Academic District of Krakow in Zabłocie. The builders are demolishing part of the walls of the building that will be converted into an office building. A similar change awaits the adjacent building, and the third will be demolished. Zabłocie socio-economic innovations group will be created there 20.22 startups and social organizations. See how the work is progressing.

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As part of the investment, two buildings will be reconstructed – there will be office space in them. It is located around warehouse and economy buildings. The third building located in this area will be demolished. All this even in the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Academic District of Krakow, Social and Economic Innovation Group Zabłocie 20.22.

One of the buildings, which is more visible than the road, and is multi-storey, will undergo a comprehensive modernization. The second brick building will be demolished and a new one built in its place – confirms Jan Machowski, a spokesman for the Municipal Investments Council. ZIM is responsible for the investment.

Zabłocie 20.22 Socio-Economic Innovations Group is an idea of ​​a common space to provide technical and organizational conditions for work, study or leisure in different environments: start-ups and small enterprises, creative groups, social organizations, residents and informal groups everyone who is interested in developing their activity.

The local government will also have a stake in the block business. It will be the headquarters of the municipal institutions responsible for supporting social initiatives, dialogue and cooperation with social organizations in the new space. The block will be built on the basis of two warehouse buildings located at ul. Zabłocie, in the field of railways – confirmed in ZIM.


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