There is no barrier for Fides to become a member of the European Conservative and Reformists (ECR) group of the European Parliament; Only the will of both sides is needed – said MP Zdzisław Krasnodębski (PiS) in an interview with PAP.

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A natural choice for Fidesz

The ECR is a natural choice for Fidesz to join a new faction after leaving the European People’s Party. We had a similar opinion in many of the votes in the European Parliament. I don’t know if there will be any ECOSOC delegations that have reservations about the possibility of Hungarian joining

– He said.

He added that expanding the group would be beneficial for ECR.

This will allow us to consolidate our standing in the European Parliament. However, as the poet and comedian used to say, “There is always the embarrassment in this that two might want to do this at once.” It will be the sovereign decision of the Hungarian party. Fidesz may also be in talks with the group Tożsamość i Demokracja (ID). It is also a question of the conditions for joining the group and the division of positions within the faction. However, appointing this group appears to be the least realistic and unacceptable option on the board


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Identity is the fifth largest political group in the European Parliament, and includes deputies from ten countries of the European Union; Most of its members come from the Italian League, the French National Union and the German Alternative to Germany.

Fidesz leaves EPP

I hereby inform you that Fidesz’s deputies are resigning from membership of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament

– Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote on Wednesday in a letter to the President of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber. It was a reaction to the change in group regulations.

The message was published on Wednesday by Hungarian Minister Without Portfolio for Families and Vice President of Fides, Catalin Novak.

We will not allow the members of the European Parliament to be silenced or prevented from representing our components. Fighting the epidemic and saving lives remains our first priority. Therefore, after adopting new rules in the EPP group, Fidesz decided to leave them

– Novak added on Twitter.

New regulations

Its entry was released after the EPP group adopted a new internal regulation on Wednesday allowing its parties to be expelled.

While hundreds of thousands of Europeans are hospitalized and our doctors are saving lives, it is extremely frustrating to see the EPP group paralyzed by internal administrative problems and trying to silence and exclude democratically elected members of the European Parliament.

Urban wrote in a letter to Weber.

He assessed that the group’s decision was “clearly hostile to Fides and our voters.”

This is undemocratic, unfair and unacceptable. Therefore, the leadership of the Fidesz party decided to immediately leave the group EPP. MEPs will continue to speak on behalf of those who represent them, our spokesmen, and defend the best interests of the Hungarian people.

– pointed out.

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By approving the new regulations, the EPP Group updated the existing regulations, in effect as of October 2013. The regulations were approved by a qualified majority (84.1%). The new rules define procedures regarding group membership and the circumstances in which suspensions and exclusions may occur. The new regulations have already gone into effect.

Orban announced earlier that Fides, Hungary’s ruling party, would leave the Christian Democrats’ group in the European Parliament, if changes to its bylaws are adopted.

During a closed session, Weber and the heads of national delegations in the EPP agreed that the new rules would allow the suspension of not only one member of the European Parliament, but also of the entire membership party.

The regulations changes began after EPP’s Fidesz Group Chairman Tamas Deutsch commented in December 2020 to compare Weber’s statements with the slogans of the Gestapo and the Hungarian Communist Secret Police.

Fidesz was suspended from the European People’s Party in the spring of 2019, but MEPs remained in the EPP group.

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