The Queen is reported to be receiving the COVID-19 vaccine within weeks and will announce it after that.

Buckingham Palace said it will not comment on The Mail On Sunday story that claimed the public announcement would encourage more people to take a jab.

The newspaper said that the monarch, 94, and Prince Philip, 99, will not receive preferential treatment.

Her Majesty and Prince Philip, both over 80, will be among the first to receive an injection.

But since they are over the age of 80, they will be among the first to get vaccinated.

Dr. John Wren, CEO of MHRA, which approved the Pfizer / Biontech Vaccine For use in the UK, He told the BBC that the goal of the healthcare agency is “to protect every member of the population, Her Majesty of course as well.”

There are concerns that anti-extremism activists could harm taking the treatment – something the Queen’s endorsement could help calm.

Buckingham Palace declined to respond, with a spokesman saying: “The medical decisions are personal and we will not comment on them.”

It is also said that discussions are underway about the possibility that Prince Charles and Prince William will help spread the program – which the NHS Medical Director in England called “the largest vaccination campaign in the history of our country”.

Professor Stephen Boyce said the start of vaccinations is Tuesday “Looks like the beginning of the end.”But he warned that it would be a “marathon, not a sprint.”

Esther Rantzen
Esther Rantzen says she will get the vaccine “as soon as I can.”

A number of celebrities have said they will research the vaccine.

Ms Esther Rantzen told Sky News that she will get a jab blow “as soon as I can.”

She added: “I hope that people who are a little anxious about the vaccine will take into account that vaccination has saved millions and millions of lives, and we hope that this vaccine will continue to save lives all over the world. Global.”

As for those who care about immunization, Ms. Esther said people have a right to choose.

But she said they should do so on the basis of “the best possible evidence, not a rumor, not a smear campaign, but actually on facts, as we know it, from medical experts.”

The MHRA said it agreed to a jab without compromising safety.

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How will the vaccine rollout work?

Sir Bob Geldof, the 69-year-old organizer of live aid, told the Sunday Mirror that he would “take it as soon as possible by a human.”

Eamonn Holmes, the 61-year-old former Sky News broadcaster, said he would be “definitely” vaccinated.

The TV star added, “Life is to live, not to waste.”

Others have reportedly committed to the COVID-19 vaccination program, including Roger Daltrey of The Who, Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and Monty Python Michael Palin and actress Dame Maureen Lipman.

“There is no alternative to that. You should get it, and I will be,” said Ms. Maureen.

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