Ukraine support tracker is registered Military, financial and humanitarian aid from 31 countriescountries, including the European Union and the G7. This aid can include medical supplies, food, weapons, and military equipment.

Should Germany be ashamed?

When you compare the size of GDP, you can see that Even much smaller countries are making greater efforts than Germany to help Ukraine.”

– Confirms “Bild”.

These countries include Estonia (spent 0.8% of its GDP on aid to Ukraine), Latvia (0.72% of GDP) and Ukraine’s immediate neighbor – Poland, which provided aid worth 0.45% of its GDP. private GDP. The United States – the world’s largest economy (0.22 percent) ranked fourth.

Germany ranked only 14th herebetween … Luxembourg and Sweden.

“As the fourth largest economy in the world, Germany has allocated 0.06 percent of its GDP to help Ukraine”

– Notes “Bild”.

The United States leads the way

It should be noted that when it comes to helping with absolute numbers, they are in the lead The United States, which helped Ukraine with 42.95 billion euros in aid (Mainly through the supply of military equipment). The following countries that provided the most government aid were Great Britain (4.79 billion euros), the European Union and the European Commission (4.12 billion euros), Poland (2.57 billion euros) and Germany (2.35 billion euros).

“The US government is ready to organize very large funds to support Ukraine. These numbers show how much stability in Europe means for Americans”

Comments Christoph Trebisch, Director of Research at IfW, Ukraine’s support tracker.

“But unfortunately, EU countries have been acting much slower for weeks now, not only in terms of arms supplies, but also financial and humanitarian support.”

Comparing military aid to Ukraine (supply of arms and equipment from January 24 to May 10, 2022), the United States came in first with 13.9 billion euros, and Poland took second place (1.52 billion euros). It is followed by Great Britain (1.34 billion euros) and Germany (0.6 billion euros).

As Trebisch notes, looking from an absolute values ​​perspective, Germany is one of Ukraine’s greatest defenders, but in comparison to its economic strength, aid to Ukraine is small.

“Germany can do a lot when it comes to humanitarian and financial aid”

– Confirms.

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Source:, PAP