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Good news for those who use PKP services. Comfortable trains will appear on the tracks

PKP Intercity received its first of 60 COMBO multifunction wagons. Passengers will use higher-class vehicles on several popular routes. The strollers are fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Modern vehicles will also appear on trains passing through Koszalin.

The 111A-30 COMBO was the first such vehicle in Poland. These are multifunctional carriages of a higher level, in which the interior is sufficiently soundproofed, the carriages have been replaced with new ones, family compartments have been separated, a compartment for people with disabilities, including those in a wheelchair. The car also has an unbleached part and a space where the bikes can be safely transported.

Combo buggies have many facilities for people with disabilities. There is a private cabin for two of this group of passengers and two guardians. The cabin features two full-size armchairs and two wheelchair spaces with three-point seat belts, SOS buttons, individual lighting, an air-conditioning control panel, individual tables and a large litter box.

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The remainder of the cart will consist of unbleached space. Depending on where to sit, travelers will be able to use single or four-person tables. Every passenger will have electrical outlets and USB sockets at their disposal. The car will have wireless internet connection and a modern passenger information system. The COMBO vehicles also have a separate space where the bikes can be safely transported. Ultimately, the carriages will also have two vending machines – one for cold drinks and snacks, and the other for hot drinks.

Modern buggies are intended for the following roads:

  • Szczecin – Tricity – Olsztyn – Bialystok;
  • Wroclaw / Zielona Gora – Poznan – Gdynia / Olsztyn – Bialystok;
  • Krakow / Lublin – Katowice – Wroclaw – Zilona Gora – Szczecin – Swinogisi;
  • Przemyśl – Lublin – Warsaw – Bydgoszcz – Gdynia / Piła – Kołobrzeg / Gorzów Wielkopolski;
  • Suwałki – Biaystok / Lublin – Warsaw – Poznan – Szczecin / Gorzów Wielkopolski / Zielona Góra.

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