Germany Has issued travel warnings for popular ski areas in Austria, Italy And the SwitzerlandIn striving to contain the spread of the coronavirus, numbers of new infections soared above 10,000 per day for the first time.

While infection rates in Germany are lower than in many countries Europe, Was accelerating, and the daily number of confirmed cases rose by 11,287 to 392,049. The death toll reached 9,905.

“The situation has become very dangerous in general,” said Lothar Wheeler, division chief Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Infectious Diseases, he said. “We still have a chance to slow the spread of the epidemic.” But he said that people should abide by the rules and that Germany should prepare for the virus to spread uncontrollably.

On Wednesday, the German health minister said, Jens Span, He became the latest prominent politician to test positive for the virus. His spokesman said he had symptoms of a cold but no fever. Government sources said he was fit to work.

Berlin issued new travel advisories for Switzerland, Ireland, PolandMost of Austria and some Italian regions, including the famous ski area in South Tyrol. The United kingdom (This does not include the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and the Outer Territories) It is also seen as a high-risk area.

Under the warnings, which will go into effect on Saturday, travelers returning to Germany must quarantine for 10 days. The quarantine can be lifted early if a test taken five days later is negative.

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The move could significantly affect the ski season in Alpine countries, especially Austria, which recorded 2,435 new daily injuries on Thursday and is a popular destination for Germans.

However, there was positive news about Spanish Canary Islands RKI removed it from its risk list, raising hopes there for German tourists during Christmas and the New Year.