In the UK all matters relating to & nbspcoronavirus are taken very seriously. There are strict rules to slow its spread – no meetings (with slight exceptions for people of the same “nonsense”, that is, a small group of family or friends), travel, not to mention shopping in the mall.

Four passengers, upon entering Great Britain, tried to hide their previous residency in one of the countries with a high risk of the epidemic and in which there is no place to play. For lack of honesty, they were fined 10 thousand. A pound or a pound to weight.

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Passengers were detained at Birmingham airport on Monday, the first day of tougher legislation to stop the spread of new types of coronavirus.

According to them, all citizens and residents of Great Britain who have been in one of the 33 countries of the so-called Red List, must be quarantined for 10 days in a designated hotel. The cost of this quarantine is £ 1,750.


It did not say which country the people were punished or which nationality they held. Persons who are not British or Irish citizens or residents and have been in a country for the past 10 days. Red List, they are completely banned from entering the UK.