Ahead of the Polish Fortuna Cup Final, Marek Babsson indicated that it would be a soccer match above all and it was supposed to provide good feelings and actions. It took Raków Częstochowa and Arka Gdynia players a bit, but when the match opened, sentiment had already reached its climax. More on our five-point analysis for this final.

Arki’s plan for the final

Within three minutes, Matthews Cibrosky cut off Rakov’s defenders and ran a vertical pass from Luis Falkars. He was already in the penalty area, turned towards Dominic Hulk and could improve the ball. He missed the target, but it was an indication that Arka had a clear plan in the final: to turn Raków’s strength to his own advantage.

It was mainly about Petkovski’s position, which Paolo Souza, the coach of the Polish national team, saw from the stands. Often the last rookie player was involved in playing attacks, he even went under his rivals’ penalty area. However, it left a lot of free space behind, which, with much slower Andrzej Niewulisa, opened up free space on the left side.

Żebrowski once again managed to overtake Raków’s line of defense, but it would be a mistake to describe Arka’s game as reaction only. Yes, after intercepting the ball, they were looking for the fastest possible attack up front, but they also managed to control half of the opponents. He also appeared by attacking and then ebrowski unlocked the final result … by crossing Holc and straight into the window from the left. It was preceded by a fine dribble by a Spanish Fabian.

Find Tudor’s right leg

There is only one player in Ekstraklasa playing more key passes than Fran Tudor, the pendulum. Raku was apparently looking for ways to play from the start that would give the Croatian a cross possibility. And in the first half, the largest number was in the ark penalty area after the right-wing attacks.

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Even when a Tudor cross didn’t hit anyone, coach Marek Babsson didn’t blame the performer, but the fans. – GoTech, you got to be there! He shouted to Ivan Gutkovskis when the latter did not move to the heavy-duty ball. After a few moments and another cross, Marcin Cipola, another Raku forward, didn’t take the opportunity.

In the second half, Rako’s best chances are back to Tudor’s moves. Even a moment before Żebrowski’s goal, he was shooting in the opposite direction sixteen and wasn’t far from the assist. In the 69th minute, it was Evie Lopez who was looking for him and Jacob would see you a few inches away from his compensation. When the Spaniard equalized a few minutes before the end, it was clear that it was due to Tudor’s cross and the mayhem he had caused in the Ark defense.

Dozens descend during the break

An interesting coincidence was that during the break, both coaches decided to change players with the number 10 on the jersey. However, Julius Letnyovsky’s role in Arc and Igor Saba in Rako differed: the former played up front, and the latter in midfield. Nevertheless, the influence of neither one nor the other was so great, and very satisfying to the coaches.

However, it must be recognized that in the case of the citizens of Gdynia, this change was … better. Da Silva grabbed the ball very well in the half-raku, wisely letting the defense catch his breath. He himself was also involved in the defense. Ten minutes before the match ended, Marcos stopped the counterattack … Marko Politanovic. The substitute knocked out the substitute, which in turn was met with the referee’s reaction by Bowie Gil (he had penalized the Arca player with a yellow card) and … applause from Gedenia’s seat.

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Quality above all

Decisive action in the match? Not a hack, not an interception, but Ellie Lopez’s decision … not to give Daniel Zelogowsky the first speed. The Spaniard preferred to wait and lead the attack and focus the opponents ’attention on himself, only to play a great pass through the outside of the foot to his younger teammate after a while. He played along the goal for David Tijanic and there was nothing but joy.

However, it is also the culmination of Raków’s patience in such a difficult meeting for them. Although Marek Babsson reassured his players had already gotten used to the role of the favorites, there was a period in the second half after the goal was scored when the match was neither smooth nor ineffective. And it was Eric who gave himself the chances, and on the other hand, it looked like Rako was already on overtime from the meeting and completely facing the wall.

The match was calmed down by the person who was also chosen as the best player of the meeting. He deserved it well, although he hasn’t had a best time lately. In the past two months, he’s scored just one goal, and he’s only played two full matches. With the first goal, a beautiful and accurate shot from a hemisphere, all the other feelings were gone. He threw a nice pass for the second goal, and kept the ball in the corner under the second goal against six opponents and could only celebrate. In the final, Raków’s singles quality total was the highest, and Lopez was the main part.

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The crowning five years

Less than two minutes have passed since Bowie Gill blew the whistle for the last time in the final match and Marek Babsson was already being shown by his players. It was he who calmed them down a quarter earlier, because they lost in the most important match in Raków Czowastochowa history. But he made big changes – he helped Daniel Zilogowski score David Tijanic’s decisive goal – and he believed in his team.

It is difficult for him not to do this in a time of crisis. – I am convinced the team will take over – he said before the final, when asked about the emotional endurance of such a “difficult” meeting. For more than five years, he was in charge of the image of an ambitious project, executed step by step, transcending the next levels of games and … breaking through a glass ceiling one by one. – It will be a tournament for us – the Pope said about the possibility of winning the Polish Cup and taking a place on the Ekstraklasa podium.

But the best thing about this story is that he will be the first to see the reserves after winning the last round. Think coldly about next season’s European Cup Qualifiers, and the need to combine that fun with playing in the extended league. He is currently living through the most beautiful moments of his coaching career and no one should bother him. For him, Raków players also cut a path when he entered the medal and cup in the Polish Cup.

Mikhai Zakodny