Another 533 coronavirus deaths were announced in the UK today.

This is a slight decrease from the 616 deaths recorded yesterday and well below the 648 deaths announced last Wednesday.

Today, 16,578 new infections were announced, compared to 12,282 yesterday.

This comes after the incidence of Covid-19 infection increased in 75 per cent of London’s neighborhoods, raising the possibility of moving the capital to Level 3.

New Public Health England (PHE) figures show infection rates in 24 of 32 regions are on the rise.

London is currently located in Level 2 but this is due for a review on December 16 and there are concerns that it could be placed in the higher Level 3.

This means closing bars and all forms of hospitality except for takeaway.

Even a public health expert has warned that the capital may shut down completely if the government does not bring the situation under control.

Daily coronavirus cases have fallen from their peak in November

The death toll from the Coronavirus in the United Kingdom continues to rise

Professor John Ashton, former Regional Director of Public Health in North West England and author of Blinded by Corona, emphasized that urgent action is needed.

He told The Guardian:[The government] He needs to decide in the next 48 hours whether to move London to Level 3 or else they are already risking a terrible situation in London, with deaths soaring over the Christmas period.

“They might have to go into full lockdown.”

Coronavirus infections are increasing in London

24 of London’s 32 boroughs saw an increase in cases

It comes Corona Virus The number of hospital deaths in the UK today increased by 426, and among the victims was 16 years old.

England has recorded a total of 344 hospital deaths.

Those who died in England were between the ages of 16 and 100.

All of them were aware of the basic health conditions with the exception of 11 victims, between the ages of 51 and 96.

Scotland announced 39 more deaths, Wales 31, and Northern Ireland 12.

It is the highest number in the UK in seven days but is a significant decrease on a weekly basis from last Wednesday’s number of 648.