Unfortunately, there are many apartment houses in the city, which sooner or later will turn into ruins. Undeveloped spaces distort the immediate surroundings. However, many residents want changes. One of them will be the green space, which will be built in the ul. Katwika 29. This is an example of a place where a huge building once stood. Today it has no effect but it will change soon…

A free space will be developed later this year. Paitum Municipal Roads and Bridges Authority has already signed a contract with the contractor. The pocket park will be built by SORTED Sp. z oo, which made the best offer. The entire project will be created thanks to the joint efforts of the city authorities, architects and residents who presented their ideas during public consultations and got acquainted with the concept of the development of the square. The project will be implemented thanks to the support of Metropolis GZM. The amount of co-financing under the “Metropolitan Solidarity Fund” program is 370 thousand PLN. PLN, and the entire investment will cost PLN 987013.

– I am glad that we were able to choose a contractor for the next investment that the residents of our city have been waiting for. It is also an investment for which we have received outside funds, this time from Metropolis GZM – says the head of Bytom, Mariusz Wołosz.

Attractions in the green area

There will be a climbing wall, benches, deck chairs, a playground with sandbox, bird feeders, homes for butterflies, bike kiosks, a rope garden, and a mirrored closet. Of course, there will also be green spaces indicating the name. Creeping plants, creepers and trees will be planted.

The entrance to the territory should be in the form of a garden gate, and from the side of the ul. Wadewa, there will be an entrance of concrete staircases with green elements. It will be another crossroads for these two streets.

– Develop an empty box in the Mujahideen. Katowika 29 was introduced by residents to one of the editions of the Bytom Civic Budget. Although this project did not receive the necessary number of votes, we decided that it was worth implementing it and creating a green enclave on ul. Katowice – Confirms Marius Wołosz, Mayor of Bytom.

Image. UM in Bytom

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