Talks about changes to teachers’ professional pragmatism – MEiN meeting as part of the Teachers Professional Status Team with Local Government


Today, December 8, in the building of the Ministry of Education and Science, a meeting of the Professional Center Team of Education Personnel was held, devoted to the proposals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the field of professional pragmatism. of teachers. The meeting was attended by Minister Przemyslav Ksarnik and Deputy Minister Daryusz Piontkovsky.

At the October meeting of the team, teachers’ union representatives demanded that the next meeting be held separately with labor unions and local governments. And so on December 7, there were talks with trade unionists, and today representatives of local government institutions took part in the team meeting.

At the beginning of his speech, Minister Przemyslav Kzarnik announced that in the bill amending the law – the Education Act and some other laws that are currently being processed in Parliament, the Ministry will resign from the clause that determines the number of representatives of the educational supervisor in the competition commission for the position of school principal. We withdraw from the provision that increases the number of members of the commission when it comes to the aspect of educational supervision. We stay with what was, that is, three people – said the minister. He added that the most important thing is the survival of this clause, thanks to which the probation officer has the right to respond in case NGOs want to enter schools with inappropriate, inappropriate and demoralizing content.

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Also among the topics discussed at the meeting were issues related to teachers’ working hours and early retirement. The Minister also spoke about the funds earmarked for schools under the Polish deal programme. He encouraged local governments to apply for this money.

The minister informed that support for next year will be about 4 billion PLN higher, and a significant part of these funds will be spent on increasing teachers’ salaries.

Moreover, the Minister of Education and Science appealed to local government officials to remind school principals of the need to comply with the health restrictions.

Talks with the union side

Let us remind you that yesterday A meeting of the occupational status group for education workers was held with trade unions. The meeting was attended by Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik, Deputy Minister Marzyna Maciaczyk and Minister Bogna Janke from the Chancellor of the Republic of Poland. Representatives of pedagogical Solidarity, the Polish Teachers’ Union and the Trade Union Forum were represented by trade unions.

The report from the event is available at the link

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