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In recent years, much controversy has arisen in the United States about playing the national anthem before sporting events. Mark Cuban He found a solution – he stopped playing, but the NBA didn’t like him.

Since 2016, since the football player Keprinica Hill The debate over the national anthem began in the United States. The then-49 NFL players began to kneel while the national anthem was played in protest against police brutality and social inequality, which not everyone liked, although many other athletes followed in the footsteps of the soccer player.

There were also players in between NBAWho, while playing the bubble in Orlando, also knelt during the hymn in solidarity. Playing the national anthem before the match starts may seem very strange to audiences outside of the United States – whenever we hear national anthems at great sporting events after the event ends, for example when decorating winners.

But the Americans have a different policy, and Mark Cuban is definitely not a supporter of it. Owner Mavs A few months ago he said that this particular policy “got out of hand”. So he has now stopped playing the Mavericks national anthem in his private hall since the start of the season. However, it was noticed that the hymn had not been present only a few days ago.

Therefore, changes in the Mavs policy were not noticed by the players or coaches of rival teams, nor the journalists or club staff. Cobain quietly made the change, and it took two months – when the Mavericks first allowed a limited number of fans into the hall – someone finally noticed that before the Dallas matches, the anthem was not heard.

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Initially, the NBA representative stated that this season, under “exceptional” circumstances, every team has the freedom to organize pre-match events. But one day later, the League changed its mind and issued a statement that each team would play the national anthem before their matches, according to the rules in place for many years.

In response, Cuban said there was no problem playing the anthem, and that the pause was due to the Mavs’ consultations with the local community. The Mavericks owner even announced that he had already discussed the matter with the commissioner Adam Silver. But the National Basketball Association wants to preserve this “tradition”, although Cuban hopes that the debate on the topic will continue.

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