A new video encouraging young people to join the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has sparked a sensation among commentators around the world. In the video, we can see the mysterious plane. According to experts, this is the H-20 – the long-advertised future grenade launcher and There is a response to the American B-21 Raider bomber.

Experts note that if the machine, covered with a tarpaulin in the video, and then reflected on the windshield of a flying helmet, is actually an H-20 bomber, it looks like the American B-2 Spirit.

The H-20, in the shape of a bird wing, will be the first dedicated strategic bomber developed by China. Its range is set at 12,000 km. Subsonic machine with low detection capacity is capable of carrying weapons weighing up to 20 tons. You can watch the video below, Which, according to many experts, appeared the Chinese aircraft of the future.

Chinese media asserts that the H-20 display may cause a nervous reaction from neighbors and will contribute greatly to changing the balance of power in the region. The new machines have twice the range of the H-6 launchers currently in use.

Specialists note that the future launchers in a number of dozens could also perform To fundamentally change the balance of power between China and the United States. The H-20 may have been a response to the B-21 Raider – a reduced detectable US bomber developed by Northrop Grumman for the U.S. Air Force as part of the Long Range Strike Bomber program.

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In addition to the mysterious plane, the video also appears Fifth generation J-20 fighters.

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