The year 2021 brought about a big change for Lithuanian citizens. They cannot even smoke on their porch or veranda. It is about multi-family buildings – it is enough for a neighbor to oppose the practices of other residents of the estates – the site is in Polish

No smoking on your private balcony. In Lithuania, you can pay up to 60 € for this

Fines for inflating the balloon on the balcony can be up to 60 euros (about 270 zlotys). Local police called on residents to report violations of the ban.

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The regulations adopted by Poland’s neighbor are more stringent, because they impose on the owner of the apartment or building, or the person who uses it, an obligation to ensure that smoke does not enter the rooms of other tenants. This could mean that smoking in the window, for example, could be questioned.

Smoking ban in Poland? It will not be easy to introduce legislation

Some people liked the idea of ​​the Lithuanian salads. Warsaw Counselor Renata Niويتيtica issued a statement encouraging the Warsaw authorities to hold consultations in order to introduce similar regulations. “The topic is very interesting and I hope that the people of Warsaw can also improve their lives in the city” – I wrote.

However, it may be difficult to introduce similar regulations in Poland. The Supreme Court spoke on this issue. Decide whether community authorities can prevent tenant smoking.

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The decision adopted in 2008 clarifies that the balcony is classified as an element of the common space in terms of construction, but that as a property it is treated as a component of the building. “Since the interior space of the balcony is part of the building, the condominium community cannot effectively prohibit smoking on the balcony. While neighbors who smoke may be uncomfortable, regulations prohibit smoking only in public places where the balcony is clearly not. Because they have no legal basis for that, “- explains the expert portal