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CES, which started on January 11th, is taking place this time in a completely virtual reality. However, this does not prevent many companies from introducing their new products. LG kicked off the technology celebration with great fanfare and showed unique transparent screen TV model.

LG offers flat screen TV

LG has been producing futuristic OLED panels for a long time, which led to its showing at CES in 2019 The first roll-up TV model (Ready for Sale) that uses Korean technology in practice. Well, the LG Signature OLED R hit store shelves, but of course it’s on a cosmic height I appreciate (87 thousand. Dollars).

Now the Korean giant decided It surprised us with a new paradigm that applies a similar concept in a slightly different way. Transparent OLED smart bed Since it (at least that’s the manufacturer’s suggestion) to become a part of our (leg) bed, allowing you to easily consume multimedia in the bedroom.

As in the case of the LG Signature OLED R, in this case as well, the screen can slide out of the case at different heights – depending on that – allowing you to display other types of content. With a minimal amount of extension, it displays only the most important messages (such as date and time), and when it is extended a little more, we can see more comprehensive messages (such as analyzing sleep, etc.), and in the extended mode, of course, it is used to watch TV or Video materials.

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This time, the Korean manufacturer was inclined not to use a flexible screen that would collapse into a tiny speaker-like enclosure. The OLED panel is retreating in a more traditional way.

The device has a diameter of 55 inches It achieves 40% transparency (other elements of the specifications are not yet known). The idea of ​​the manufacturer is that when we are not using the TV, it only shows useful messages without being too noticeable.

The screens that transmit light from behind the TV are clearly not new, but the LG Transparent OLED smart bed will be the first TV model to be delivered to customers’ homes in the future.

The company does not rule out the use of transparent OLED panels in future projects. At CES 2021, a 55-inch transparent screen was also introduced, which is set to be a target model for restaurant owners. Such a device can display important sports menus or events in restaurants.

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