A Call of Dudty Warzone player has detected a bug that allows you to instantly move around the map and, thus, at the right moment to escape from approaching enemies.

Call of Duty: War Zone He has a lot of bugs, Although it should be noted that community feedback is closely monitored by the developers responsible for not only the popular battle royale mode, but also the world-renowned Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which allows them to Get rid of fun-spoiling bugs at lightning speed. Let’s hope he’s the same with the person I’m going to tell you about.

A Reddit user, using the alias Iguana_Mike_, posted a tens-of-seconds video on the forum dedicated to this game, showing how to teleport from one point on the map to another location. If you go to a small gas station located roughly in the center of Verdanska and try to jump through the attached window of the building shown below, you will land near the hangars 200 meters from the aforementioned gas station.

When we do, you’ll read Call of Duty Warzone – it’s an inevitable component of “teleport” – the motifs, perfectly featured on user material Iguana_Mike_.

A friend of mine accidentally found a new way to get around Verdansk from P / CODWarzone