One of the most controversial games on the PlayWay album has a new development magazine, which introduces some interesting mechanics.

PlayWay has a lot of unusual titles in its broadcast community, however I am Jesus Christ It is without a doubt one of the most controversial emulators on the list. Recently we got premium materials … He fought with the DevilAnd past Christmas A special atmospheric trailer was introduced. It speaks for itself.

And since we celebrate Easter today, you shouldn’t be surprised by other special materials from the SimulaM development team. This time, some very interesting moments were featured in the course of the material, and it was one of the most special A scene broken with the events of CapernaumWhere Jesus healed a paralyzed man.

As if that wasn’t enough, the visual effects that can be “liked” when Jesus meets the Devil are displayed, along with screenshots that show Moments when Christ walked on water. Well, whatever you say, the idea is very controversial. Is the opportunity successful? It is difficult to say, but without a doubt, a topic that can be talked about has been covered for a long time.