Ferries from the UK to France arrive at their destination unhindered and drivers are checked in regularly. January 1 is the first day after Great Britain leaves the Customs and Trade Union, which means tighter controls when crossing borders with European Union countries.

“Poland is an example of how to behave.” Thanks for the help with Dover

I thank Poland from all over Europe for engaging doctors and soldiers in helping truck drivers at the border …

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The first ferry that reached the port of Calais was “Pride of Kent” with thirty-six trucks on board. Only three of them were arrested for a detailed search. The rest benefited Of the new rules governing traffic on the British-French border. According to them, the transport companies advertise the goods transported before the trucks reach the port of France, thus speeding up their customs clearance.

Traffic through the tunnel connecting Great Britain and France is smooth and unobstructed. Last night before The official exit of the British from the European Union She was one of the most severe people, because so many Drivers wanted to cross borders before customs controls were introduced.

Authorities on both sides in the coming weeks English channel Don’t expect any major problems. Several British companies have built up large stocks that anticipate difficulties in importing goods from the continent. On the other hand, the easy customs clearance system that was introduced on the French side aims to prevent the formation of queues at the borders.

Around 70 percent. Trade between Great Britain and the European Union passes through the French ports of Calais and Dunkirk. On average, more than 12,000 people have been cleared there. Trucks and 60 thousand. People a day.

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