The Pentagon decided to check what the Department of Defense was doing with the UFO shots.

The US authorities have been investigating any unidentified flying objects that appear on their territory for some time. The Pentagon revealed that some of the UFOs may actually be hostile intelligence drones collected by drones.

Given that 2020 saw the largest number of UFO sightings in the entire United States, it is easy to see why the Department of Defense (DoD) Inspector General is conducting an investigation to assess UFO activities.

A brief summary of the assessment was published on May 3 by the Department of Defense Inspector General. The main objective of the assessment is to “determine the extent to which the Ministry of Defense is taking action on unspecified air events.” The list of offices to be assessed directly will include offices of the Secretary of Defense, combat orders, combat support agencies, defense agencies, and military criminal investigation organizations.

Given that most of the captured UFOs have flown over US Navy and Air Force bases, it is understandable that the military wants to see exactly how these materials are being used and what can be seen on them.

Last year, the Department of Defense established the Unspecified Weather Action Task Force (UAPTF), which is chaired by the Department of the Navy. The mission of this group is to understand the nature and origin of UFOs, as well as discover, analyze and classify their appearance in the hope of reducing threats to national security.

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