Metal perforated garden furniture

Openwork metal garden furniture will be an exceptionally attractive composition and the main point of attracting attention, if we choose to paint it with white paint One deco and protect wood and metal. It will provide a visual effect for a long time, as it will protect the metal, protect the furniture from corrosion and the harmful effects of weather conditions.

White on the facade

White on the façade, as the predominant color next to the greenery of nature, will introduce casual elegance into the space around the home, reveal decorative elements and emphasize the well-preserved surroundings. Combined with wooden garden furniture, it will create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for relaxing on the balcony or in the garden.

One white interface It also matches perfectly with the graphite roof, providing a building aesthetic structure that has been weather-resistant for many years.

White garden house

White is also a great solution for the little things in a home space, like garden homes. It will blend exceptionally nicely with covered wood Jedynka Deco & Protect Wax impregnated with the color of Argentine rosewood.

Covered garden house Jedynka Deco & Protect impregnated with Argentine rosewood wax.  Photo by Tikkurila

The product will provide lasting protection against harmful UV rays, moisture and other adverse weather conditions, while at the same time beautifully emphasizing the natural grain of the wood.

Source and photos: Jedynka

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