On Friday, a London court sentenced Boris Becker to two years and six months in prison. This is the penalty for the legendary tennis player for hiding a large fortune, despite declaring bankruptcy in 2017. The German owes his creditors about 50 million pounds or pounds for weight. He deliberately transferred large sums of money to other accounts to keep the money out of the prosecution’s reach.

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Boris Becker is already in prison. BILD describes the tennis legend’s first night behind bars

Becker hid, among other things, information about owning several valuable properties in Germany and London. Nor did he hand over his precious titles, which he won during his career, to pay off his obligations. We’re talking about cups winning at Wimbledon, the Australian Open, as well as the Olympic gold medal from Barcelona. However, Becker argued vehemently that he did not break the law.

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The court had a different opinion. The jury found Boris Becker guilty of four of the more than twenty charges against him. The former tennis player was taken to prison immediately after the trial. He is serving his sentence in Wandsworth, the largest prison in Great Britain, London.

“Our big tennis star is in prison – hard to imagine. Punishment: 2 years and 6 months. If she does well, she may be free again after 15 months” – Bild writes of Becker’s situation. German journalists also revealed what the tennis legend’s first night behind bars looked like. As it turns out, the 54-year-old can’t count on any perks due to his recognition.

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“Boris was allowed to make one phone call,” Bild said, citing his source. Journalists argue that Boris Becker will not be easy in Wandsworth prison. “Stern, known for his fearsome keys” – this is how they describe the place where he will serve his sentence. Becker may be doing well ahead of schedule, after 15 months. He can still appeal the ruling.

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