Open qualification for Regional League VALORANT For Poland and Eastern Europe. Players from 20 countries will compete for prizes out of a total of 20,000. Euro and the possibility to upgrade to higher level games ie Valorant Champions Tour. The best teams in the region who made it to the league in the open qualifiers will be invited to fight for the league win. The production house is responsible for organizing the games fit.

About the VRL . project

VRL . project It is the opening of a new esports company for the company Riot Games And her famous nickname Valorant. VRL It will be implemented in the ecosystem Valorant area Europe, Middle East and Africa In 2022, as in the case of competition ERL (European Regional Association). In total, eight regional leagues (VRL), each of which will be supported by partners from a specific region. These regions are: Spain, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Nordic countries, Poland, Eastern Europe, the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), the Middle East and North Africa (Middle East and North Africa), Turkey and DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein).


qualifications VRL East: Surge It will take place as part of a single five-day tournament that will be played on the system Double Bo3 . removal. Representatives of 20 countries from the Eastern European region and Poland will compete for the qualifications. The top three teams in the qualifying tournament will ensure their direct progression to the main stage, while the remaining five slots will be allocated to teams invited from five major countries to develop the scene Valorant Including from Poland.

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Qualifications and invited teams

  • for games under VRL East: Surge Five teams will be invited. Competitors from 20 countries in the region will compete for the remaining three spots during the qualification period.

Open Qualifications Schedule and Format:

  • The qualifiers will run from January 24 to 28 and will be held in Double Bo3 . removal. Games will begin at 5:00 PM.

First season format

  • Main stage – Round Robin Bo3 (peer-to-peer up to 2 meeting wins),
  • Knockout stage – double removal Bo3 (double removal slide, seeding based on the results of the main stage)
  • Grand Final – Bo5 (up to three wins).

Registration can be done via This page.