Blanka Lipinska celebrated the birthday of her ex-partner. She prepared a beautiful surprise for him, which she praised on social media. What did you find?

Blanca Lipinska Posted a trilogy 365 daysthat achieved success. For a time, every part was selling like hot cakes. The writer went one step further. Not only was her novel published, but the first book was also shown. For some time, it was possible to watch the film in cinemas. Then he reached the Netflix platform.

It turned out to be a bull’s-eye. Soon the production became very popular all over the world. It is at the forefront of films of choice by users in many countries, including in the Netherlands, Britain, the United States and Mauritius.

It is known that work is in progress on the modifications of the following two parts. The rights to her photography were purchased by Netflix. As the writer revealed on Instagram, therefore, she cannot reveal some details about the production:

Because it’s no longer “My Own”, it’s a Netflix movie. I am not authorized to provide information on this topic – I responded to an Internet user’s question why you did not share information about the second and third parts of the 365 days.

Blanca Lipinska celebrated the birthday of her ex-partner Maciej Poza

Lipińska is active on the web. He manages an account on Instagram, where he regularly shares new content. Almost every morning, he records new video material in which he wishes Internet users a good day. On social media, she praised the surprise she had prepared for her ex-partner.

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Massij Bouzaa He recently celebrated his birthday. On this occasion, the writer created a short video that she showed on social media. It consisted of photos from a special album. You can see, among other things, souvenirs created during joint trips, visits to the Kuba Wojewódzki studio, as well as during their daily life. I attached a short salutation:

MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen. I hope you never cease to amaze.

Let us remind you that Blanca Lipinska and Maciej Poza broke up in 2019. Although they seemed to make a good duo, according to the writer’s statement on Instagram, at one point they started coexisting as better friends than partners:

We still love each other but find ourselves better companions than relationships. Recent months have shown us that we have very little time for ourselves. Besides, I need a conversation, Macyj needs peace and that was the problem – she said in a statement on Instagram.

It seems that despite the passage of time, the two still have a friendly relationship.

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