Wisconsin has confirmed Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump as the president has promised to fight the election results in court.

All six major battlefield states now ended their presidential election results, cementing Biden’s stature as the expected elected president.

The Wisconsin Election Commission set Biden winning by about 20,700 votes a day after the partial recount was completed, and just hours after Arizona certified its result in favor of the Democrat.

Trump has pledged to file a lawsuit to overturn the results by trying to disqualify up to 238,000 ballot papers, saying the recount in Wisconsin was not about finding errors but about finding people who voted illegally.

The Trump campaign has a five-day window to search for a recount or to file legal challenges to appeal the outcome, which the election commission described as a “decision” rather than a “testimony.”

Republican commissioners wanted to delay finalizing until after the Trump campaign filed its lawsuit, but Rep. Anne Jacobs, a Democrat, said a decision had to be made before the lawsuit began.

Republican Commissioner Bob Spindale said final confirmation would not take place until after the lawsuit is over.

Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania ended their results to declare Biden winning in the swing states.

Gina Ellis, the Trump campaign attorney, said in a tweet that the testimony of “FALSE findings” was unethical but did not affect the ability of the state legislature to “restore the appropriate choice of delegates.”

At the Arizona session, Giuliani urged Republican lawmakers in the state to ignore the state’s popular vote and choose who would vote for Trump.