Xbox Game Pass members can do this Pre-install certain games Ahead of its launch in subscription service, thanks to the Xbox console update rolling out to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S starting today.

The regular November dashboard update, arriving on the last day of the month, introduces additional functions to the three consoles. Notably, it adds an Auto HDR tag (to a screen paused when players open the guide) to let players know when this feature is active and working. Likewise, games optimized for Xbox Series X and Series S will have this badge on their icons, in both the Games and Full Library tabs in the Games and Applications section. The filter can also be set to show games only optimized for Series X and Series S as well.

The update also adds six more dynamic wallpapers, which debuted earlier this month on the three consoles. Microsoft says some of these wallpapers are “a tribute to previous generations of Xbox consoles,” while others are “based on common profile themes.”

For preloading Game Pass games coming soon, Microsoft notes that not all games in this section will have preinstallation capabilities. However, the Game Pass mobile app allows players to set the download to start the moment when it is available on the game’s launch day.

Xbox Wire has more details. Xbox Series X and Series S. It was launched on November 10.