Best places in Jastrzębie in Silesia? Objects from Jastrzębie-Zdrój were included in the competition for the best public place in the Silesian province. The reconstructed Elementary School No. 17 in Roptawa and the Iron Bicycle Track has qualified to fight for the title.

Best places in Jastrzębie in Silesia? The new building of Elementary School No. 17 and the bicycle iron track were nominated for the competition

Two public spaces from Jastrzębie-Zdrój have been nominated in the district competition for the best public space in 2021. The 31 facilities allowed by the organizers include: Elementary School Building No. 17 in Ruptawa and the rail bike path.

What spaces will Jastrzębie-based objects compete with? Among the candidates there was, for example, the new building of the municipal office in Świerklany or the municipal arboretum of Zabrze. There is also an ARKA Center for Environmental Education in Żywiec.

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Most of the projects are of a service, educational, recreational and sports nature. The presented projects help with social integration, family activity and the generalization of educational and recreational activities. They have a diverse scope, among which we can find both intimate facilities, for example patios – financed under the civil budget, and municipal investments For example schools, kindergartens, activity centers and bicycle routes. They include both historic buildings adapted to new functions, and entirely new investments, the competition organizers explain.