In curling, he is nearing the end of competing in groups. The men have the eighth session behind them. The Swedes won again. There is a fierce battle to advance to the semi-finals of the Beijing Olympics.

Michel Bigza

Michel Bigza

Christopher Sundgren, Niklas Eden, Rasmus and Rana

Getty Images/David Ramos/Pictured: Christopher Sundgren, Niklas Eden, Rasmus and Rana

This is the final skirmish in the Battle of the Curling Group. On Monday, the men competed in the seventh round.

The leading Swedes can already think of a fight in the semi-finals. In the match with the Russian Olympic Committee, the undefeated team advanced strongly, but the competitors began to catch up. In the end, the Swedes won 7: 5 and are with the confidence of the leader with a full set of victories.

The Canadians, who had no problems defeating the Italians, won one.

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Fierce rivalry continued in the match between the British and the Swiss. In the end, Great Britain won by 6:5 and is almost certain of its participation in the semi-finals.

The Danes achieved their first victory in Beijing, where they defeated the Norwegians after extra time.

Curling for men (session 7):

Canada – Italy 7:3

Denmark-Norway 6:5

Republic of China – Sweden 5:7

Switzerland – UK 5:6

Table title:
1. Sweden 6 matches 6 wins
2. UK 6 matches 5 wins
3. Canada 6 matches 4 wins
4. ROC 6 matches 3 wins
-. Switzerland 6 matches 3 victories
-. United States 6 games 3 victories

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